anticipation leads to jubilation




 what they see…


  each week when the doorbell rings, magnus (4) and felix (2), my little aussie grandies , jump up, squeal, and run as fast as they can to get to the door.  waiting on the other side, is the guy from the local store delivering their groceries.  

   the jumping continues as their mom takes the bags and puts them on the floor, letting the boys ‘help out’ by emptying them and putting things away in the kitchen. 

 with an unrestrained joy and open mind found in children, the boys have taken an unexpected approach to this task and turned it into an exciting adventure, where they react as if they’ve received incredible surprise gifts.  

   each week they ooh and ahh as they peek into the bags and unload all of the wonderful treasures before them. every new item they reach in and pull out – a pepper, a carton of milk, even a bag of flour, warrants a squeal of glee. imagine their reaction when they came across a bag of ‘lollies’ (candy) – the celebration was endless.  


what’s really in there…

“The moments of happiness we enjoy take us by surprise. It is not that we seize them, but that they seize us.”

pastedGraphic.pdf Ashley Montagu quotes


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