it was a moment i will forever remember. while playing with my 2 year old grandbaby, i watched her face, as she suddenly pointed to herself, and turned to me with a shocked and joyful face, full of pride and unbridled amazement, only to announce, “i is me!, i is me!, i is me!” some adults never attain this level of self-awareness and so funny to watch a baby have an epiphany.

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  1. I love it, captures exactly what it’s like experiencing the world with a young child 🙂 Some of the most simple and profound things I’ve heard in my life have been things I’ve heard kids say (both my own and other people’s, work in a toy shop so I get to see a lot of the highs and lows of little kids)


      • Too true, studied philosophy for 10 years and read a variety of perspectives on the world and kids still surprise me with the creativity and insight they can manage as they develope their understanding of what’s going on around them.Thanks for the ‘follow’ on my blog by the way, just updated my ‘About me page’ with links to my toy blog and my writing blog if you’re interested.


  2. Learning rocks! Is it easier to notice it with grandbabies than your own? I would guess that parenthood is so full of new/scary stuff that it’s hard-ish to notice these cool small things.


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