things i learned in my kindergarten classroom today #2



it was camping day today and when the children checked out the cool bear cub our room, i was reminded of the different approaches that boys and girls each have to life.  as the girls went up to it, they gently petted it and commented, ‘it’s so soft!’ as the boys approached it, they all bent their heads down to look under its legs and asked, ‘does it have a penis?’ and herein lies the difference –

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  1. Well, that does explain a lot, doesn’t it?
    My question is: do you just call up Rent a Stuffed Bear in a Tree hand have them deliver dearly departed cub to your classroom?


    • @dave, indeed and it’s fun to watch as it all plays itself out. one day we built new things out of recycled objects. no directions were given and they were free to create whatever they liked. when they shared, most of the boys came up with things like a flying ship or vehicle with weapons and lasers, etc, and the girls came up with things like a float for a fairy. hilarious!

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  2. It is cute how even at a young age the differences in the sexes stand out. I bet you could write a book with all the stories you could tell from your classroom. Like they say ..out of the mouths of babes….

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