Not again!!!!!


Is that the ice cream truck or a kookaburra I hear out there?

mom told me that when you hear the music it means the truck is all out of ice cream.Image

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  1. That is cruel! By the way, watch out for those Kookaburras! We watched one steal half of a sandwich right off of a gentleman’s plate with no fear at all.


  2. Look at you!!! In Australia!!! How wonderful for you! Does your daughter live there year round? I love all the pics as I scrolled through and was reading all of your adventures that I missed! Your grandsons are cuties! I can’t believe the Aussies find 56 hard to handle. Can you imagine them spending a winter in Wisconsin or Michigan? Oh boy, they would be in for quite a treat!


    • Thanks, I am really enjoying the visit. Yes, they live here, and we don’t get to see each other nearly enough so we have to make the most of it. Yes life in northern u.s. is quite a bit chillier )


  3. hah! I have friends who told their twins that the truck playing music was the vegetable truck. They got away with it until the kids were 5 and they saw the neighbour’s kid getting ice-cream from the “vegetable truck”. Game over.


  4. that is awesome 🙂 gotta love the ice-cream truck, though now that food trucks are having their day they seem a bit passe! Though something tells me the boy in your photo wouldn’t be too impressed with a Korean taco truck, etc. Better luck next time 😉 Though sounds like he scored regardless.


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