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“holidays are here. take special care.” – cliff richard



to all of those who are special to me

south of the equator

way down under in australia

it is already almost christmas day for you

 enjoy it as only you can


santa catching a wave on a sea reindeer

wearing board shorts and sailor hat

 hot blue skies shining overhead


christmas carol swimming nearby.

photo credit: the queenslander magazine cover, 1934

I love the smell of ocean in the morning


relaxing way to ease into the day, with a stroll by the Indian Ocean, nothing to do but feel the breeze, take in the salt air, feel the winter sun on my face, keep a sharp eye out for shark fins, in Western Australia. 


If it’s Tuesday this must be……..Monday?


imageAfter leaving my house on Sunday at 2 pm, and numerous flights, layovers, and connections, I have somehow arrived at my destination down under And it is Tuesday at 2 pm. After traveling through various time zones and crossing the equator and international dateline, and losing a day and going ahead 13 1/2 hours in my new time zone,  here is how I have made sense of it in mathematical form: if e equals mc2 plus add in 1 day plus 13.5 hours plus 2 flight delays and 1 early arrival then I have arrived, though I am very unsure of what time it is. Am I here yet?