Hansel and gretel hit the beach


It seemed like a good idea to carve this giant arrow into the sand to help us find our way out after a long walk down the beach.


Upon our return, the entire beach looked like the scene below.


Now that I think of it, hansel and gretel had some design flaws in their plan as well.

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  1. Ohh….next time leave coins on the ground. They are heavier and won’t wash away. And the seagulls will not eat them.

    But….call me first. I will …. errr….follow to make sure they are left there … *makes jingly noises in my pockets from uhm…jingly things in my pockets.*


  2. I love this! Reminds me of the joke about the guys who painted an x in the bottom of their boat to remember where the good fishing was! (Punch line: “You dummy, how do you know you’ll be in the same boat next time?”) πŸ™‚ I would never have thought of drawing an arrow but if I had, I would have thought myself brilliant…until…


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