I’m leaving now. No, I’m not.


Called airline to confirm my flight for this evening. airline told me it had been rebooked 13 hours earlier for this morning and it had already left. They had contacted my travel agent in the states who is 12 hours behind and sleeping or dancing away her weekend night. they did not think to also contact me. next possible flight to make my 3 connections, is actually too soon for me to arrive at the airport in time. Next option: add in one more flight, spend the night in an airport somewhere, continue on. No rebooking for the next day as one leg of the trip falls within the 24 hour no rebooking rule, which I think she made up while talking to me, because at some point it’s less than 24 hours away and I’ll be losing or gaining a day somewhere in the process. ย Next option: leave at midnight tonight, check bags through all airports, until i hit customs again in the states. Possible glitches: airline called this option ‘dangerous,’ as far as all flights must be on time, allowing for a very small window for transfers and connections, customs has to not consider me an enemy combatant or mule, and they said they ‘would pray for me.’ This sounds like the perfect fit and of course, the option I chose. After hours on the phone and computer, and many teas, coffees, and cookies, and an emu beer, I am ready to go.


Command center.

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  1. Wow! Just wow! You would think after all of this time airlines could get their stuff together. Oh yeah, I remember you posted awhile back about their new boarding plan! Ha! I just can’t believe they made a change to move the flight 13 hours ahead and only contacted the travel agent!


  2. I’m getting the impression that you dealt with all that miraculously well…could that possibly be true? I’d probably have to delay my departure another day so I could go buy a new phone to replace the one I threw out the window…


    • yes, i suppose i do see it as a sort of challenge/adventure. i actually tried to rebook the whole thing for the next day, but the agent created her ‘it’s less than 24 hours away somewhere along your route’ rule )


  3. always comforting when an airline prays for you !!! ๐Ÿ™‚ i can see them all in the airport kneeling on those in-flight cushions facing bunno ..!
    hope you get home safely Beth, best wishes jenni g


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