you win some, you lose some, though you’re not sure which one happened.


i love everything about baby soccer. the babies, so cute in their jerseys, and shin guards and special shoes, are running up and down and off the field, looking for parents, saying hi to siblings and relatives who come to watch, stopping to pet a dog, following a shiny object, laying on the field crying,  shrieking occasionally, taking water breaks from the exhaustion of standing on a line, asking to go to the playground just over the fence, running for sudden bathroom breaks – the fun is endless. coach does his best, just trying to harness everyone into one area and make sure they have a shirt on. he is patient and kind and cares about his budding athletes.



here, my grandbaby b scores a goal, and then the reactions come. she stares at it wondering what is going on, and other players respond accordingly; check for a boo-boo on a leg, hang on parents, turn their backs, stand and look down the field, and one even run towards her, after the fact. it is truly a sport unto it’s own. there is no ego, no celebration dance, just pure wonder. 



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  1. Your granddaughter is so cute. It is good that you are able to spend time with her and see her have fun. I bet the things that happen on the field could fill a blooper video. You have to give the coaches credit for having the patience of a saint. Have a great Sunday! 🙂


  2. Don’t you just love sport at this age when it is all about sport not winning or losing. Lovely to see your grandchild.
    Your post reminded me of a story a friend told me recently. Her four year old was playing Camogie ( an Irish sport with a small ball and a stick called a hurley).
    As they were all so young small goals were put up on the pitch. As usual every time someone had the ball, every child on both teams crowded around them. My friends little one had the ball and began to run down the pitch,hitting the ball wildly. Everyone took off after her, towards the goals, and then both teams passed the goals and kept running on down the field. The two teams were eventually rounded up near the far end of the pitch, a long way away from their goal!


  3. This is such a sweet subject! I think the kids are so cute when they just run back and forth, sit down and don’t want to anymore and if they run to get a snack or kiss from mom or dad, all so precious! You got me smiling with your words and the fun pics, too!


  4. So sweet! Would be fun to watch, I’m sure entertaining! You look too young to be a grandmother…she is a cutie!
    This reminds me of my daughter Elizabeth playing soccer (around age 7 though) because her best friend played, and she was not an athlete. She tried her best, but the funny part was watching her run down the field, as she ran with the most flamboyantly feminine run you can imagine, hands open at her sides… very funny!


    • ty, that’s very kind, but i am the grandmother of 6 actually, and i love that story about elizabeth, they truly enjoy it in their own way, regardless of what the adults want and that is the way it should be )


  5. Those little ones are adorable! My 3 (almost 4) year old grandson played soccer this year. I loved going to the games. For the most part it was semi-organized mayhem, but they sure were entertaining.


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