now i’ve seen it all!


2 kinders cross paths at the doorway of our little classroom bathroom – one coming in, one exiting.  the one exiting has pants down and is walking out like nothing is unusual and is on a sunday stroll in the park. one coming in yells out, ‘cover that up! no one needs to see your _____ (anatomically correct body part)!!’ – like a very bad day at the park. well said, little one.


I have as much privacy as a goldfish in a bowl.

Princess Margaret

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  1. Love it. As far as the entering kid was concerned, he or she might as well have said, “no one needs to see your bottom” or “your tummy” or… A body part is a body part to kids presented with information without embarrassment.


  2. indeed, no one did need to see that child’s ________. heehee. Great story. You ARE collecting these for a book, yes? 😉 For the past two year’s I’ve helped my daughters’ kindergarten teacher (she’s that awesome that I’d still help her, long after my girls were in her class) put together a kindergarten cookbook. Their recipes are verbatim and are a stitch: 5 pounds flour, heat at 72 degrees, etc. One little boy told me the recipe for his mom’s Christmas cookies were “just google it.” The book is always so sweet and heartfelt. Which is why I’m glad you’re at least collecting your stories here 🙂


  3. Children have no shame, actually there
    are quite a few adults like that too 😦 lol
    Luckily not an everyday experience…

    Hey have a lovely day
    today my sweet friend 🙂
    I have some GTA5 to
    play this evening 🙂 Yaay

    Andro xxxx


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