water fills up empty spaces



and as the unseasonable heavy rains and storms continue today, i am reminded of a wonderful event a few summers back. i was with my family at a large amusement park. it was beautiful out, without a cloud in the sky and we walked around, like most other people that day, staying within our group, enjoying the park and enjoying the day. suddenly, without much warning, the sky grew very dark and raindrops began to fall. as the rain became heavier, people began to take shelter under whatever they could find, planning to wait it  out. 

within minutes, the rain became quite out of control, with an onslaught of hard, sideways, piercing water. it was relentless. and  it quickly became obvious that it was useless to even attempt to stay dry. little by little, everyone began to come out from under their makeshift ‘shelters’, take off wet shirts, and shoes and whatnot, and just fully immerse themselves in the rain, some literally laid in it, as the ground fiooded so quickly, like a warm and wild jacuzzi. there was really no choice but to surrender to it all, and people began to openly laugh and jump and play and dance and embrace the rain. strangers bonded together in full laughter and in this the sudden unexpected experience they had absolutely no control over. all ages, all sizes, all genders, all colors, all human.

after a few more minutes of this, the clouds and the rain moved on, as suddenly as they had arrived, and the sun came back out, bright and yellow, signaling a return to calm. the only clues that it was all real, were the water on the ground, people’s soaked clothing and hair, and the smiles on their faces. soon, people stopped playing, wrung out their clothes, got back in their groups, and walked on. as if it had never happened. it was the highlight of my day.

The best thing one can do when it’s raining is to let it rain. – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

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  1. What a fantastic story – isn’t it nice when we can all feel so free that we can dance and lie in the rain like this. We get this happening too in summer after a few weeks of high heat. Kids will of course go out in it and on occasion I do to. Nothing more exhilarating and amazing dancing in the rain. Would have been a bit weird seeing it pass and everyone walking around as if nothing had happened afterwards though..but it’s something they all will remember. 🙂 x.


  2. You know what Beth – I’ve had a similar experience with strangers – many years ago. You’re right – it was all spontaneous bonding and after the rain stopped – we waved good bye and moved along. Everyone was elated, in high spirits and extra courteous when we queued to drive out of the log jammed car park.


  3. I have experienced this a couple of times in my life! As long as it was a summer day, everyone was filled with joy and comraderie! This was an excellent way to describe! Great and fun memories came swarming back to me!


  4. i am inspired by that quote. it’s true, really. i had a similar experience, but we were all children then. it’d be good to dance in the rain now that i’m older 🙂


  5. I was going to be naughty when you mentioned the bonding of strangers but then I decided to agree with you without being suggestive 🙂 Well I can be good sometimes you know 😉 Joking aside, I think it must have been an awesome experience and definitely something to remember 🙂

    Have a wonderful start to your Tuesday Beth 🙂

    Andro xxxx


  6. This is great. Seems like a message to just keep immersing myself in some really great blogs for awhile. I don’t know how I missed your for so long!. Doh! On the other hand….. here I go again – some more writing delay in store. 🙂


  7. What an uplifting story – bring on the raaaaiiinnnn!!
    I love the contrast between the huddling, and the surrender; the feeling of inevitability, as the rain went sideways, as if to ‘hunt’ them out of hiding!
    Goosebumps on my arms from reading your story, and a sudden compelling urge to dance! 😀


  8. Thanks for the awesome story about the rain. Your stories are amazing and the things that you are doing with your kids is really awesome too. Keep up the good work I enjoy reading about all the wonderful things that you do. I always have a smile on my face after reading your blogs thank you for sharing your wonderful and amazing talent with all of us each day. Kat

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