a little something to warm you on this dark and stormy solstice day



my children, friends, family, co-workers, and visitors of all kinds, know that i love my coffee. new, old, freshly ground, from a bag, from a tin, just dripped, just perked, re-heated, from all corners of the world, as well as the local coffee shop, gas station, or grocery.

when i make my own pot of coffee, i love it strong, black, with a bit of cream. i love to heat what’s left, in the microwave, or on the stove, over and over, until it’s all gone. it gets stronger and thicker and more potent with time. my daughters have taken to calling it my ‘chernobyl blend,’ my version of ‘turkish prison coffee.’ at least i know i could survive most any coffee, most anywhere i may find myself, be it a prison, a truck stop, or at home in my own cottage kitchen. and that’s a life skill.

here’s wishing you a hot cup of coffee, however you most like it, wherever you may be, on this, the shortest day of the year. and if you’re in the neighborhood, stop by my cottage in the morning, for a cup of my own special blend. we’ll share a pot, and toast to the beginning of a return to the long and brighter days of sun. happy winter solstice!

                                      If this is coffee, please bring me some tea; but if this is tea, please bring me some coffee.  –Abraham Lincoln


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  1. I will tip my cup o’ Dunkin’ toward your country cottage in Ann Arbor, Beth, to celebrate our love for coffee, the holidays ‘a coming and the slow but sure return of lighter days. Happy Winter Solstice!


  2. Yes, I like my coffee too. I also like that you again let me know that you liked a post of mine. This time it was “River Congo – Excerpt 24” on papermudndme.wordpress.com. – Thank you and Aloha – pjs.


  3. Hopefully you won’t get the opportunity to try prison coffee, Beth! I would love to try the Chernobyl blend though, the stronger and the darker the better for me as well. A fun post on a snowy winter Solstice day here in Vancouver as well … Thanks for the smile …l


  4. My Dad used to reheat his coffee too…great memories! My friends know me as their “coffeeholic” friend. Couldn’t live without this food group! Guess it’s in the genes or the beans! Merry Christmas!


    • yes, you are right, and there will be 2 more minutes of daylight today in the northern hemisphere, we are on our way back! it would be wonderful to share over a cup of chernobyl )


  5. You need some Hot Lava Java, made by Taylors of Harrogate – so strong it ranks a 6 on the strength guide – it’ll have you twitching like a maniac! I always stock a couple packets of that for emergencies – Percol’s Rocket Fuel does the trick if you’re in a hurry too!

    Turkish Prison Coffee! That’s funny!


  6. That is most definitely a life skill! I’ve become more open minded in my old age but I used to love brewing French Press so strong and dark that my boss called it “war time coffee” and insisted he could get his pen to stand up straight in it. Now I’m too lazy to press coffee and go for the keurig 🙂


  7. Beth – I have to agree with ‘fingerprintwriting’ above. I do love my coffee but I’m oh so picky. Everywhere my career sent me – there was always room in my luggage for my little coffee pot and foreign adapter plug (before I was smart enough to buy a pot for use in 220 amp countries). I never put anything in my coffee and then I met Tom. I’ve been drinking it with a little creamer ever since. I bet your Chernobyl coffee would put Navy coffee to shame.


    • yes, coffee is a good thing ) as for lincoln, i think he didn’t like what he was served and was looking for a way out of it perhaps? happy christmas to you michael ) peace, beth


  8. This was a sweet and antique looking card that warmed my heart! I love coffee but am addicted to flavoring, sweeteners and cream! When I smell the delicious aroma of coffee, I am like Pavlov’s dog, I salivate!
    Thanks, sorry I was on hiatus from blogging for a few days! I have some catching up to do!


    • ah, i understand, glo, something about coffee is wonderful – thank you so much for reading and following, and i look forward to reading more from you as well ) best, beth


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