in this, the month of january, i am reminded of my ex, the father of my children. this is the month when his birthday fell and when we fell away from each other as well. this post, also from the past, is dedicated to him.

I didn't have my glasses on....



       when stopping by my favorite artist’s booth (kana handel), on the last day of the fair, to buy another of her beautiful creations, i shared with her a story of coincidence and connection, and to let her know that she was part of an equation that superseded the elements of both time and space.  as i told her my tale, her face showed surprise, and her eyes opened wide at first, but soon her eyes softened and began to tear, and her look turned to a quiet smile of understanding. 

       i told her about my ex-husband, who i had met when i was just four years old, and i knew instantly when meeting him, (and told him), that i would one day marry him.  he passed away on valentine’s day, 2 years past, while living in another state many miles away, and…

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