waking and wondering in a winter wonderland



last night i had a dream about my friend who commandeered an old, rusty, garbage truck and put a huge plow on the front. he was determined to make it to my cottage to clear the driveway, and would do whatever it took to get here, mad max armageddon style. many thanks for your loyalty, my friend, and perhaps winter has worn out it’s welcome, even in my dreams.

Winter lingered so long in the lap of Spring that it occasioned a great deal of talk. –  Bill Nye


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  1. I really like the commandeering part, and the rusty garbage truck part, and the Mad Max part, and the clearing your cottage driveway part. Now that’s completely great dream, Beth. Did you wake up to a snow day or a school day?


  2. After the snow (again) recently, we are again having issues getting in and out of our driveway. Never mind that the roads around us are getting narrower every day. Do you have the issue on your side of the state where you can’t see what’s coming around the corners?

    There are so many things I would rather do outside than play with all this snow. It is getting close to planting time now.


  3. Aw, very sweet-and pretty cool with the Mad Max style snow plow. My old neighbor use to plow my driveway sometimes. He moved with his wife & kids about 15 minutes away a few years ago but whenever there’s a snow storm I still wake up to a plowed driveway-he comes back just to do it sometime before 6am and never asks for anything. They get a LOT of christmas gifts from me now=)
    Just hang on a couple more months!


  4. and it’s maybe almost half over here in our parts 😉 Great truck image. And Bill Nye cracks me up. Spring may not have much of a chance to say anything this year. Keep thinking good thoughts.


  5. Don’t worry Beth I will call over with a shovel and a smile 🙂 No burnt out dump truck though, so how about a snowboard to make it an exciting experience? No, I have never ridden one but it sounds exciting 😉 lol

    Andro xxxx


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