wake up call



very recently – warm and easy near the equator, nice way to wake up,

with a call from the sea, bringing news of a day,

where the biggest question is which size coconut to choose.


and even more recently –  warm and tucked in, home again in the great white north,  nice way to wake up,

with a call from the weather robot, bringing news of a snow day off of school

where the biggest question is which size down comforter to choose.


Traveling is seeing; it is the implicit that we travel by. Cynthia Ozick


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  1. Looks as if you had a wonderful trip! Did your friend know about the trip? You said it was a surprise. I wasn’t sure if just the place was a surprise or the whole trip for your friend? .
    I hope you share more about it 🙂
    What a great husband!
    By the way I vote King. 😉 (for the size of thecomforter!
    Love the pics!


    • it was wonderful in every way. she found out early on and it just got all of us more whipped up about the whole adventure when she became a part of it. more tales to come )


  2. Do all these snow days mean your school year gets extended? Not good news.
    On a brighter note, I read where the nearly total freeze of the Great Lakes means that the water levels will rise this year. Tough way to do it, but you can maybe sell fresh water to other states.


  3. Oh, so warm, under the tree and under the comforter. Life sounds good on your snow day, Beth. This photo gives me great hope of things to come. What size coconut, by the way? Did you get a drink poured inside a scooped out nut?


  4. Missing this latest last minute winter bout. South for a few days. Not quite the Dominican Republic, but there are palm trees and beaches. 🙂

    Home to reality soon enough 😉


  5. Great way to show contrast in your environment and your ability to adjust! We would love to know more about your trip, Beth! We wish to live vicariously through the D.R. time. (Since I could not be a stowaway in your luggage!) Smiles, Robin


  6. Oh, my slightly naughty side… A few years back, when we were talking about costumes that a woman who had come back from Hawaii had seen on her trip. Teachers were chuckling since she mentioned coconuts. I impulsively blurted out, “I would need kiwis, instead of coconuts!” Smiles, Robin


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