double trouble



baby j – i knew i had seen this guy somewhere before –


i’m officially on spring break for 16 days and i get to play with the babies today while mom and dad run

the st. pat’s day race.

when we get together, we have energy to burn and we’ll be running our own race,

at least a marathon, all inside the house, i’m quite sure of it.

we’ve got mischief to make.

run, family, run.

Aye, I’m tellin’ ye, happiness is one of the few things in this world that doubles every time you share it with someone else.

Harry Lauder

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  1. I hope you wore your running shoes, Beth, as you log in the family indoor miles. That Baby J pose reveals one adorable mischief-maker. I bet you are reveling in your ’16 days for Beth break.’


  2. you are in for so much fun! That lil fella looks like a barrel of energy and “who knows what next!”. Great silhouette pairing with “where the wild things are”–it echoes his posture brilliantly. Have fun, ksBeth, I can see your happiness is about to go 4square!!


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