wearing of the green



image credit: earthporn.com

May you find stillness in movement, 

comfort in letting go,

sacred in the everyday,

and in all things –


(author unknown)


happy st. patrick’s day to all, as we await the return of spring once more.


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  1. (and with that the goblin showed up wondering if he was welcome even, smiling “…well it looks like you’ve got a really nice place here, and just I thought I’d thank you for appreciating my posts each time elsewhere and felt I should return the compliment by reading you posts awhile too…”, but the goblin’s time seemed up almost as soon as it had begun, sighing “…till next time then, never enough me to go round…”, while outside the view from the goblin’s bistro was of a warm spring’s day with a sun that simply called the plants to bud forth from their winter slumbers, the goblin too felt like those plants now, yes the long posting day was calling him away once more)


  2. That photo reminds me of a hike we took through the rainforest up in the “hinterlands” in Queensland…there are ancient Beech trees and everything is covered with that green mossy growth below…it was so cool and misty there…so beautiful.
    Happy St Patty’s Day.


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