our annual classical music concert.

a chance for the kinders to see the big kids, (4th and 5th grades),

perform a musical show for them.

a chance to see the possibilities in their own future.


it is a challenge for some of the littles to sit through this event.

they need to move,

and often.

and for some, it is moving in a very different way.


one such kinder caught up in all the magic of the music,

with wide sparkling eyes,

and a face covered with a rapturous smile,

and arms moving with every note,

whispered the most wonderful reaction,

‘miss k, my ears are dancing!!’

and i thought this to be the perfect description of how music can really move a person.

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  1. When one’s ears are dancing, no matter the age, that is a great day, indeed. Thank you for realizing the wonder of the little’s comment and sharing it her so wonderfully, Beth. Great post!


  2. Such a lovely thought and great that you were there to hear it, Beth! I love children listening, moving a little bit, fidgeting, but also enthralled with the older kids in their musical talent. To the kinders, the ‘big’ kids have it all! Smiles, Robin


  3. That is just beautiful. There is something about music that inspires so deeply. We have a really strong Star Wars theme at my kinder at the moment and one of our favourite things to do is listen to the music from the movie soundtracks. It’s beautiful to watch how they respond to the music – as you say, it really enlivens them and the way that they move. I’ve found it enhances their imagination and their ability to co-operate too. Music is so enriching.


  4. one of my favorite parts of my girls’ growth was their language development. The things they come up with–so literal and always spot-on. Elementary school musical programs are always a good time πŸ™‚


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