what vagary is this?!?!


to eldest daughter, h. remember the time we were in the store and saw the matching socks and bought them because they were so odd and decided to change our plans, and instead wore them to the giant multi-plex theater, and bought a massive tub of popcorn and keg o’ soda and raisinets and paid for the first movie, but snuck into the others and spent the day there, laughing and watching and feeling like happy criminals? just wondered.Β 




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    • i know what you mean, you kind of feel like you are getting away with something, and that is half the fun, and apparently i am a 13 year old girl trapped in a 56 year old woman’s body as i read this back. ) and time for you and y to get in on the sock thing!


    • oh, it is a mix, you are very astute. she lives far away in australia, so i miss having so much time together, but happy for the memories and know there are more to come. when i found this picture and sent it to her, she was very surprised )


  1. I would say you were leading your daughter into a life of crime by sneaking into the other movies but, given the outrageous markups on the popcorn, soda, and Raisinets, I think theater still fared quite well — But the two of you fared better. Fun memories.


    • of course, eldest daughter h, i have all of the best moments captured on film in perpetuity. i wish we were too, and lucky for you, we may have another crack at it this summer, though we may have to move to a new mutant animal….


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