animal, mineral, or vegetable?


part of my life as a full-day kindergarten teacher is having lunch with the kids 3 days a week. it’s especially fun because the pre-kindergartneners also share our table, and while we might not get much time to eat, it never fails to be exciting and i am endlessly fascinated by their take on the food.



here are some chickeny stripnuggetstick things


here are some fishy stripnuggetstick things 


they are never quite sure what to ask for, or what we’re having, when wanting more.

every year, someone declares themselves to suddenly be a ‘bege-tarian’,

because they like animals.

and they stop eating any meat,

but somehow they don’t identify our nuggetstickstrip items as meat,

and i understand completely.


and i loved the day when one of them asked for syrup to go on their foodstripnuggety item.

why do you want syrup, i asked?

aren’t these french toast strips?, they answered.

i’m not really sure, but let’s go with that.

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.

 Mark Twain




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  1. I wonder if some school dietician somewhere declared: Put it in a nuggetystripthingie and the young ‘uns will eat it! It is a fascinating study, Beth, and you are just the woman for the job of eating these new creations alongside them and focusing more on the kinders than your tummy.

    In the college cafeteria, by the way, we used to call certain dinners universal meat with universal gravy, be it beef, turkey, pork … Also known to be uttered: Mystery meat again!


  2. It’s looking yummy around here this evening Beth,
    and now I am hungry again, hey pass me some of
    those, and a bun for afters 🙂 Mmmm

    Andro xxxx


  3. All of those food items, I have eaten and enjoyed. I almost always dipped the fish and chicken strips, as a child, in ketchup. A vegetable, according to one famous politician! I love maple syrup on bacon and French toast strips, so sure add it to those things, too! You are a great and marvelous leader, among teachers, Beth! You are so wonderful!


    • dipping things,in ketchup, ranch, syrup – whatever your condiment of choice, always kicks the meal up a notch ) and thank you so much for your kind words, robin )


  4. Now I wonder if some mildly confused kid has gone on to try being a beige-eterian and only eat foods that are kind of beige in color. I could see it as an excuse to eat nothing but chicken fingers; there was a time in college when I probably would have eaten nothing but chicken fingers, given the chance.


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