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funny first.


such an interesting mix at lunch

sugar cookies, grated parmesan cheese, and red pepper flakes

it made me wonder a bit

when I inquired I was told 

the cheese and peppers were there

because they were serving Italian food in the kitchen

and the cookies were there

because this was their new location

and I kind of loved

the ‘no logical reason’ reason for the combination

it made it even better

and why not after all?


“things have to be funny first, and if they want to have a point, that’s awesome.”

-john mulaney

a different direction.


a stop by a pub with a cozy fireplace

for a leisurely quiet lunch

and then i saw this –

a menu note at the bottom 

‘bottomless fountain pop and vanilla ice cream’ for children

things could quickly go in a different direction.

“i accept that there may be things far grander

and more incomprehensible than we can possibly imagine.’

-richard dawkins


london, ontario, canada

food is our common ground, a universal experience.  – james beard



nothing like a lunch


the kinders




when it’s taco day

it takes it to

a whole other level

one little guy

whose eyes

opened wide

 upon seeing the taco

filled to the edge

with all sorts

of colorful things


put on his plate

and wondering


he would ever manage

to get it

into his mouth


away from the floor

calmly says,

‘i’m going to need chopsticks to eat this’

i always admire those

out of the box thinkers

well played little man

and i must admit

i hadn’t thought of that

but we may

have to call in

the big guns

for this one

eatensil - kogibbq.com

meet the eatensil


image credits: photo bucket, keepcalmomatic.uk.com, kogibbq.com

animal, mineral, or vegetable?


part of my life as a full-day kindergarten teacher is having lunch with the kids 3 days a week. it’s especially fun because the pre-kindergartneners also share our table, and while we might not get much time to eat, it never fails to be exciting and i am endlessly fascinated by their take on the food.



here are some chickeny stripnuggetstick things


here are some fishy stripnuggetstick things 


they are never quite sure what to ask for, or what we’re having, when wanting more.

every year, someone declares themselves to suddenly be a ‘bege-tarian’,

because they like animals.

and they stop eating any meat,

but somehow they don’t identify our nuggetstickstrip items as meat,

and i understand completely.


and i loved the day when one of them asked for syrup to go on their foodstripnuggety item.

why do you want syrup, i asked?

aren’t these french toast strips?, they answered.

i’m not really sure, but let’s go with that.

Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like and let the food fight it out inside.

 Mark Twain




one of my favorite lunch events ever for our kindergarten



perfect for the discerning tastes of our 3-5 year olds?

Good Day All,

Just a reminder that tomorrow will be our “Chef 2 School” program and we will be featuring “World of Cheeses”.  Once again we will set up in the back hallway behind the small dining room and I will be coming around to release the tables to visit our “World of Cheeses”. 

We are also excited to say that this time we plan on including the Early Childhood Center with a cart that will go from table to table with samples of different cheeses.  



 Director of Dining Services


this is more like it!