food is our common ground, a universal experience.  – james beard



nothing like a lunch


the kinders




when it’s taco day

it takes it to

a whole other level

one little guy

whose eyes

opened wide

 upon seeing the taco

filled to the edge

with all sorts

of colorful things


put on his plate

and wondering


he would ever manage

to get it

into his mouth


away from the floor

calmly says,

‘i’m going to need chopsticks to eat this’

i always admire those

out of the box thinkers

well played little man

and i must admit

i hadn’t thought of that

but we may

have to call in

the big guns

for this one

eatensil -

meet the eatensil

image credits: photo bucket,,

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  1. awesome – and once we had taco night back in 2008 – one of our memories was everyone saying “say queso” – and well, your cool poem reminded me of that – and nice quote too! food is soooo universal.

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