Please Help – We Have To Take A Stand

Please Help – We Have To Take A Stand

an appeal to humanity.

Unload and Unwind

bring back our girls As a rule I try to keep the weekend posts here at Unload and Unwind to more humorous topics as a way of taking a step back from the more serious pieces that I write about politics and the environment.  However I have decided that this issue far out ways the need to step back and in fact I am calling for all of us to step forward, to raise our voice and add our names to the petitions being created around the world decrying the horrendous taking of a number of young girls in Nigeria.

As most may be aware on April 16 of this year 200 girls were kidnapped by an extremist group called ‘Boko Haram‘. This was done so that they would be unable to take their examinations and to call a halt to the education of women in that country. Around the world the…

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  1. Powerful message and yes, we need to take a stand! Now! It is overwhelming and scary to know this can happen without any repercussions, so far! Thanks, Beth!! Hugs for your support!


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