Children remind us to treasure the smallest of gifts, even in the most difficult of times. – Allen Klein




Β and even when your special chocolate cupcake melts in the car,

you just stick the candles in sideways,

light them up,

and blow them out.

and you sing in celebration.

and you rename it a molten hot lava cupcake.

and you can then eat that volcanic overflow with a spoon and a smile.

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  1. The grands remind you that happy times are to be found after just a slight adjustment of the original plan! Such a wonderful thought, photo and celebration, Beth. Thanks for sharing the moment.


  2. Ha! The little girl appears to be seriously considerating this redefinition of the cupcake. She doesn’t seem quite sure that this whole process is legit. Thanks for the great photo/post Beth!


    • paul, that’s my granddaughter, and she is the more skeptical of the duo, by her nature, my grandson jumps right into everything without a hint of fear. )


  3. I love this. And it’s true, children are not critical by nature, and they enjoy using their imaginations. Many years ago, I tried to make a multi layered, many colored jello dessert. We decided to call it Mommy’s special jello soup. I displayed the cookbook’s photo so everyone could see what it was supposed to look like.


  4. The slices of wedding cake my love and I had left over, taken out of the freezer, we accidentally over-microwaved. It too melted into a puddle of cake with a frosting top, which, was wonderful itself.


  5. Never EVER throw away chocolate. πŸ™‚ What a great post! I love the sideways candles. There is always something to celebrate if we can see past the lava. πŸ™‚


  6. Wonderful how you show that positive spins and perspectives make if all so much fun! Kids are always so happy, no matter how things go! Candles and a spoon to eat the hot lava chocolate cake, Yummy! People pay ‘big bucks’ for these sort of cakes! Smiles and happy birthday to the little one!


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