the hens hit it out of the house!


as some of you know, new york blogger/friend/sports/movie/life stories writer, mark ( and i are engaged in a major friendly minor league baseball battle. his beloved syracuse chiefs have played my toledo mud hens for 4 games in his town, (with mixed results and home field advantage). and luckily they’ve made their way back and hens have come home to roost for a 4-game home stand.  see the results of yesterday’s game one below! the hens and chiefs will take to the field again this morning and we shall see who indeed rules the farm in the end)





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  1. I love you and Marco both and I think baseball is the most boring game ever. . . . . . except maybe for soccer! Oh well. . . .we have Valley Cats team in Troy and we go sometimes. There is lots of drama with costumed characters , and miniature car races to kill the boredom and keep people coming back !


  2. OK, Beth, so the Mud Hens got one back. Convincingly. With a grand slam involved, even. I am impressed. A tiny, little, smidgen.

    But, still, they won at Toledo’s Fifth Third Field? Why did they stop there? All the other fractions taken already? And when I learned math, the teacher scratched on the cave wall: One third. Two thirds. Three thirds. Then she stopped. I know, it’s a bank …

    The Chiefs still lead the series three games to two, as they play right now.

    You win this afternoon and then my sweating will have a little to do with something other than our 80-degree weather, Beth.


    • There’s nothing wrong with five-thirds, if you’ve got five of a third to deal with. K-12 math teachers seem to worry about them for some reason and nobody in the math department at college has the heart to tell them not to bother. It makes the teachers so happy, somehow.


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  4. I will always take the Mud Hens’ side unless they are playing the Columbus Clippers! I will continue to root for the ‘home team’ in this series in your ‘neck of the woods,’ Beth!! I am wishing for a hot dog, Cracker Jacks and a brew right about now! Need to get home and eat my dinner, soon! Smiles, Robin


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