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  1. New to your blog and got all worked up into the baseball trash-off. What a fun place you have here!!!

    The same could be said for chocolate for those who aren’t pasta lovers. Or we could make it a threesome that NO ONE could refuse. Pasta, chocolate, and magic. I feel the world spinning a little more smoothly already.


  2. Ohhhhh, I just connected some dots! You sit amidst brilliant kindergardeners, daily / weekly / monthly / yearly, who wield their imagination like the jedi-dudes wield their lazers …. And the magic flows, as it goes, back and forth from you to them, and them to you, and Fellini visited your kindergarden class, right? And I’d like to ask, since you love pasta, what IS your favorite pasta (and/or combination)?


    • you are certainly on the right track, and as for my pasta, my favorites are simple – fresh basil pesto with bow tie pasta, and olive oil, garlic, fresh parmesan grated on top of linguini. the key here is fresh and magic )


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