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  1. Ha! reminds me of a TV window commercial from some years ago. A woman had invited her friend over for a holiday BBQ and was inside showing off her new windows while her husband was starting the BBQ in the yard. As the woman opens and closes the venetians, the visitor can see glimpses of the husband at first trying to start the BBQ; then the BBQ exploding with a fireball and pieces flying into the air; then the yard on fire; then the smoking man with a hose trying to put out the fire; then the family dog running in circles and tripping the man. Ha! The woman remains completely unaware of the scene playing out in the yard while the visitor sees flashing glimpses as the blinds open and close. I couldn’t find the commercial on youtube, but if you ever come across it, it is hilarious.


  2. I loved the way people had fun with some original ‘other titles’ to give to this post! I loved the way you found the right combination to get me smiling again! I had steak my brother barbecued, with grilled potatoes and a salad with my Mom, in her senior apt. My brother brought it all, including the plates, silverware and beverages! He hauled it from across the street, where he lives in my brother and sister in law’s house, they were gone… What is funny to get you smiling too, is that we dropped those dirty dishes in his house. We didn’t even put them in the dishwasher, while we ran to the redbox to get movies. We had left Mom back there to serve up dessert, our contribution. My sister in law came home, with my brother, a day early to see them sitting there! Oh well!


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