Wisdom begins in wonder. – Socrates



it was camping day.

we went outside

and hiked

and looked at lots of stuff

and touched it

and found all sorts of things.


we tried to catch a frog to see him up close.

and if we did we promised we would put him back in his home after.


and we got in the mud.

even those of us who usually don’t like to get dirty.

and we learned so much stuff.

Must we always teach our children with books? Let them look at the stars and the mountains above. Let them look at the waters and the trees and flowers on Earth. Then they will begin to think, and to think is the beginning of a real education.  – David Polis



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  1. This brings back memories of great field trips and fossil finding trips. You know in the days before computers..;-)
    I’m glad teachers are not relying solely on books to teach, my dad was a teacher for 35 years and never passed up a chance to take the class to the field for some hands on teaching..:-)


  2. So wonderful, Beth! The photos are beautiful and capture the precious outdoors and children so well! I love hands on learning, in the class room, with oats, sand, nails and boards, then outdoors, with dirt, mud, frogs and children who don’t always like to get dirty, enjoying it anyway! Fun!!


  3. Great fun! I went in to work one weekend where our warehouse had a small bullrush pond at the rear of the lot. There were three little guys from about 6-9 years by the pond catching frogs. I went over to check it out and they looked worried that i might be upset they were on private property. But I just asked about their frogs and remembered when I used to catch frogs. I asked them to put the frogs back when they were done and they were happy to.

    I remember school trips to out to visit ponds and seashores and fairs , etc. they were always fun and i always leared a lot.

    thanks for sharing the photos beth – it brings back good memories.


    • that is so cute and i’m happy you were understanding and the boys were probably thrilled you asked them about the frogs and also that you reminded them to put them back. i’m happy this triggered fond memories for you, paul. )


  4. Camping and adventurous times in the outdoors is just as good a “teacher” as books are! Great post, Beth, and it reminds me of our many camping trips with our kids when they were growing up. Now they back pack! 🙂


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