balls: world cup day one.


10462432_648248928577162_1859792449697730735_o-2it’s world cup time and team oz is ready.

these guys seem pretty unruffled.

and who needs shorts down under?

best of luck to team u.s.a.

let the games begin!

I say if you’re going to take a chance on something, you just go full balls to the wall.
Toby Keith

image credit: the kangaroo sanctuary Alice Springs

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  1. Some ‘roos look like they’re on steroids. This guy not so much but I would never question his manhood. It will be a crazy month in Brazil. Glad I’m not there. I’ve been to Sao Paulo and traffic is horrible at the best of times. TV works just fine for me.


  2. They were still using power tools this morning on the news to get the FIMA soccer arena’s seats all put together! I have my fingers crossed that all goes smoothly with this great competition, Beth!
    My youngest daughter loves soccer!
    Anyway, fun stuff with the standing kangaroo’s full frontal nudity! Loved Toby Keith’s quote, too!


  3. Oh My Gosh. This is the second time I laughed today … The first was from another blog. Here’s a thought: I think you’re journey with kindergardners infuses you with a pumped-up imagination. I think I am envious. No, I’m not. Because envious-ness is not good. I’m just happy for you. T


    • nah, it’s just the way i am, a bit of a bawdy sense of humor and big imagination comes as part of my package. this is why i can identify with the kinders and know they are my tribe. thanks t )


  4. I thought I’d make my mark on this page ksbeth and say G’day and thanks for following my blog. A manly kangaroo indeed. Sadly Australia is now out of the WC but don’t tell the Roo. Okay?


    • thanks, laurie and back at ya ) he is manly indeed, and i’ll never tell him that he’s out. one of my daughters is married to an aussie and they have 2 sons, so i’m connected in a very real way. they’ll be here soon for a summer (ours) visit, so i cannot wait. i look forward to reading more from you 0 best, beth


      • Hi beth, sorry I haven’t answered sooner. I saw your comment come in and it was 11pm here. I had to be up at 4.30am this morning, Friday. We’ve been out all day and arrived home at 7pm. A big day out for this young bloke let me tell you. I see you have a real Oz connection then. I do hope you have a great visit when they come to see you.


              • You’ll do fine beth. When I came to Australia in 1961, yes I’m a Pommie, people actually spoke like that. Sadly we’ve lost a lot of the old banter with the passing of generations. You’d hear something like this,
                ‘I told the old cheese I was nicking off to the rubbedy to have a yack with one of me old china’s, Well, she went spare and I hit the frog before she kicked me in the orchestras.’
                ‘I told the wife I was going to the pub (rubbedy tub) to have a talk with a Mate (China plate) she got upset and I hit the road (frog and toad) before she kicked me in the balls. (orchestra stalls)
                It’s all very simple really. πŸ˜‰


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