The moon looks upon many night flowers; the night flowers see but one moon. Jean Ingelow



Under the Spell of the Moon: Art for Children from the World’s Great Illustrators
by Patricia Aldana (Editor), Various contributors (Illustrator), Stan Dragland (Translator), Katherine Patterson (Introduction) 

The illustrated picture book is one of the most important genres of children’s literature. Great artists have devoted some or all of their working lives to creating art that accompanies a text written for children. While book illustration has been practiced for thousands of years, picture book illustration is a relatively new phenomena. This beautiful book is a collection of poetry from all around the world, illustrated by some of the finest picture book artists working today including Peter Sis, Anthony Browne and Quentin Blake.

IBBY (the International Board on Books for Children), at the heart of whose mandate lies the promotion of books of the highest quality, has been honoring illustrators through the Hans Christian Andersen Awards for nearly forty years. IBBY has also been helping to support the spread of book illustration for children to countries and cultures where such artistic activity is relatively new. In honor of IBBY’s work and to support its future work, many of the world’s greatest illustrators for children have donated art based on a text of their choice drawn from their childhood and culture. The result is a book that celebrates art created for children from around the world. The texts in the book are in both the original language and in English. Noted author and editor Stan Dragland has translated the texts.Groundwood Books will pay a royalty of 15% of all sales to IBBY.

I’ve never seen a moon in the sky that, if it didn’t take my breath away, at least misplaced it for a moment.
Colin Farrell






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  1. That is so neat Beth. I love the illustration of the moon as a boat and especially the little girl trailing her hand in the water from the moon. It looks like this book maybe a perfect addition to any little one’s home library. I remember vividly my favorite picture book when I was growing up – The Golden Treasury of Caroline and Her friends by Pierre Probst. Books like that are central to a young mind. Thanks for the post.


    • it really is a wonderful book, i’m happy you still remember your favorite, paul. i still buy picture books for myself, there is something special about them for all ages –


  2. What a fantastic looking book. Our kids are well past that stage but I’m going to order one to be the first grandchild’s book. Now all I need is an appropriate suitor, and the requisite baking time to pop a grandchild out.

    And it’s so nice to be reminded that something doesn’t have to take our breath away to be awesome. A temporary misplacement of that breath still makes for an amazing event. Thanks.


  3. What negative hype? It may not have been a full moon back then but I was engaged on a Friday the 13th so we celebrate them all! One of my favorite numbers 13. And well the moon… always has a special place for me in all of its’ phases. 🙂


    • yay, jules ) i just meant all of the fears and negatives that people are afraid of happening on this day, i think it’s a great day too, and you proved it )


  4. What a great book to feature and all of the background about it is so wonderful to share! I really liked that this includes many world famous children’s illustrators, translations from the original texts along with the original authentic languages. The donation back to the IBBY is also a great idea. I like the idea of UNICEF being a recipient, if they didn’t have the independent board on books for children…


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