The poet is a madman lost in adventure. – Paul Verlaine



in memory of my father, a funny and gentle man

who was about as far as you could get from a bad ass.

but instead,

he was just my dad

who was a busy madman in the ad world during the week.


who i watched this movie with,

many times.

along with every other

wwll, madcap comedy, western, and crime caper,

on saturday afternoons.

in our family room,

with sandwiches, and burnt popcorn and lemonade.

thanks for the gifts

of shared time,

a boundless imagination,

and a love of the magic of the movies.

For me, the cinema is not a slice of life, but a piece of cake.
Alfred Hitchcock




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  1. I’m glad your Mad Man pop shaped you the way he did, Beth. Bravo, pop. Job well done. Happy Father’s Day.

    My dad Frank used to take me to the movies to see what he like, action films like Steve McQueen’s “Bullet,” and many I’m sure you watched with your dad, too. He made me tell him my opinions of the movie driving home. Now I’m a film blogger. Hmmmmm. Happy Father’s Day.


  2. Thanks for the great post Beth. (This seems suspiciously like the second time I’ve read a Father’s Day post from you this month….Hmmmm…naw, must be my faulty memory?…)Hahaha! – good work both times Beth!


  3. I liked this post a lot, Beth! Hope you are having a great time with family and happy father’s day to your dad in Heaven! He gave you a love of movies, adventures vicariously spent while on the family room sofa with your father living on for all these years, in memories so sweet and poignant, too.


  4. Dude nice post about your Dad! Like that poster on top. Yup we definitely watched movies with Dad … they’re a trip. In our house it was mob/mafia/Godfather/Goodfellas type of stuff and anything on HBO. Definitely a tough day today, but we got a lot of good memories to share with our kids. Keep your head up šŸ™‚


  5. The imagery of you and your dad, on Saturday afternoons watching some of those great movies … Powerful imagery. And the imagery of the man on the motorcycle … Great picture. I am not sure my two kids will ever say to me, “Hey, Dad: thanks for being a BADASS.” But, I will be a dad. T


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