to my brother scott, on father’s day



Happy Father’s Day to our founders, John London and Scott Kennedy,

and to all the incredible fathers out there who are fighting for kids with cancer.


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  1. Parents who survive a childs death are incredible. Ones who go on to do something as positive as your brother has are in a league of their own. I hope he has a lovely day.


  2. We just heard from PayPal. You will not be charged for the pictures. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, consider them a gift from my heart to yours. THANK YOU FOR DOING THAT!!!! LOL I’m letting you know because I don’t want them to take the money out of your account. So be sure they do not charge you. Thank you:) It’s is a great pleasure to have a friend as sweet and supportive as you are and I am so grateful. Thank you again. Hugs.


  3. Happy Father’s Day, Scott Kennedy. I have followed your family’s story, sad but full of love, through Beth’s words. I respect your good and hard work for such an important cause.


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