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he did it!


mark slats arrives on the other side of the pond

The arrival of #IRONMARK #TWAC2017 #MadebytheSea #3000milesToday The Gentle Giant set foot on the island of Antiqua and set a new World Record #Solo over the Atlantic in 30 days 7 hours and 49 minutes that is 19 days earlier then the previous #official World Record #Love #Like #Share #Row4cancer #Donatehttp://www.markslats.nl/row4cancer

breaking the world record

 rowing 20 hours per day

for 30 days and a few hours

and raising money for cancer research

here’s to you, mark-

“man is a universe within himself.”

-bob marley


dock porters with heart.


my brother, scott

who never stops raising money for research and awareness

in honor of my nephew, hazen, gone way too soon

so that others may stay.

thank you to his mackinac island dock porter brothers from so many years ago.

“say not in grief: “he is no more”, but live in thankfulness that he was.”

-hebrew proverb


“keep up the good work, if only for a while, if only for the twinkling of a tiny galaxy.” -wislawa szymborska



very proud of my brother, scott today.

                                                                Solving Kids’ Cancer

Today, Scott Kennedy, Executive Director, Solving Kids’ Cancer, and Joe McDonough, Founder and President, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, presented a check to Duke University Medical Center to bring oncolytic virus therapy to children battling high-grade brain tumors. The adult trial, leveraging the re-engineered polio virus, has shown very promising results and this new pediatric trial gives tangible #hope to children who are desperately seeking new treatment options.

You can make a difference to children with cancer. Your donations directly fund innovative new treatments for children battling cancer today.


Make September Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

#collaboration #innovation #research #pediatricbraintumors #childhoodcancer







my brother’s loving legacy to his son, hazen:

a non-profit

pediatric cancer

research funding and awareness program

so that no other child and family

should ever have to suffer from cancer again.

Day 30 – As we close out the month of September, we want to share our most sincere thanks with all of you who supported our #CCAM campaign. We can’t wait to share the results with you! We also want to thank our friends at Adams Fairacre Farms, Inc. for their support all month long, BGC Charity Day and the beautiful Coco Rocha for an incredible day of fundraising on September 11, and The Ronan Thompson Foundation for allowing us to be part of the incredible Runway Heroes event on September 26th. It was an amazing month, and we are so proud of the #awareness raised across the entire #childhoodcancer community. #thatsawrap!


Searching for a Solution: How Two Dads are Making a Big Difference



my brother, scott,

who is also the  father of my nephew, hazen,

who i miss every single day.

on aljazeera america.

once again, trying to spread the word and not giving up the fight.



In case you missed the segment Solving Kids’ Cancer which aired on Al Jazeera America,

here is the link below:


credits: aljazeera america, javier perez artwork, solving kids cancer

to my brother scott, on father’s day



Happy Father’s Day to our founders, John London and Scott Kennedy,

and to all the incredible fathers out there who are fighting for kids with cancer.