“keep up the good work, if only for a while, if only for the twinkling of a tiny galaxy.” -wislawa szymborska



very proud of my brother, scott today.

                                                                Solving Kids’ Cancer

Today, Scott Kennedy, Executive Director, Solving Kids’ Cancer, and Joe McDonough, Founder and President, The Andrew McDonough B+ Foundation, presented a check to Duke University Medical Center to bring oncolytic virus therapy to children battling high-grade brain tumors. The adult trial, leveraging the re-engineered polio virus, has shown very promising results and this new pediatric trial gives tangible #hope to children who are desperately seeking new treatment options.

You can make a difference to children with cancer. Your donations directly fund innovative new treatments for children battling cancer today.


Make September Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month

#collaboration #innovation #research #pediatricbraintumors #childhoodcancer



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  1. Wow Beth. You must be so proud. I do a lot of volunteer work with an organization called Prayers from Maria where I live. The foundation was started after Maria, age 7, passed from a DIPG in 2007. Went through the nightmare of a diagnosis with my own son when he was 6, which is how I learned of the organization. After a few rounds of chemo, he has been stable ever since (he’s 16). His tumor was malignant, but is dormant – called an optic glioma. We are completely out of the woods – thank God. There is nothing on earth like going through that. It is sheer horror.
    Sorry to get started on all of this, but you got me started with this post! Anyway, I’m blown away that your brother does this work! That is so awesome!!!

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