puddles, meetings, moments.



“the real test of friendship is

can you literally do nothing with the other person?

can you enjoy those moments of life that are utterly simple?”

-eugene kennedy

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  1. One of my very best friends once did a really wonderful thing for me. When I was going through a period of dark depression and really no fun at all to be with, she allowed me to come to her home and spend a holiday weekend with her. She just allowed me to stew in my depression. No trite catchphrases like “things will look better tomorrow” or “pull yourself together”. We said little and did less. She just let me be but made sure I was not alone. And it remains one of my most treasured experiences of friendship.

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  3. Love this! If you can’t do nothing with someone, why do anything with them, eh? haha
    small world, I followed you just the other day after randomly happening upon your blog, and just now saw you hail from Ann Arbor! I moved, but I’m from MI too, I love the ann arbor area
    best wishes

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