dock porters with heart.


my brother, scott

who never stops raising money for research and awareness

in honor of my nephew, hazen, gone way too soon

so that others may stay.

thank you to his mackinac island dock porter brothers from so many years ago.

“say not in grief: “he is no more”, but live in thankfulness that he was.”

-hebrew proverb

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  1. Hazen is richly remembered by his family and so many others lives have been enhanced by this amazing charity. I’m sure you are so proud of your brother who managed to achieve so much out of such hurt and ongoing sadness. Lovely to see it recognised.

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      • hi mark – just wanted to update you, my brother will not be attending the conference in chicago this year, as his family is leaving for europe on that day. one of the other people from the foundation will be representing. if you need anything, use scott’s name and i have a feeling you two will cross paths in the future, before too much time goes by –


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