hell yeah, usa !


10342899_262373547279955_5105902017281530985_n-2 patrons of third street in detroit go nuts for a world cup goal by the red, white and blue.

‘The applause is a celebration not only of the actors but also of the audience.

It constitutes a shared moment of delight.’

John Charles Polanyi

photo image: Hell Yeah Detrroit


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  1. I am of a wonder that our U.S. of A. seems to getting more into the World Cup this go-round that the last several. Maybe it’s just the way the media reported the here’s-how-we-reacted aspect after the victory — and this great Hell Yeah Detroit photo helps, Beth — but it sure seems zealous in our country, doesn’t it. Victory dance time in the Bialczak living room it was, too … 🙂 Thanks for this both to amp up the shared moment of delight, Beth.


  2. I have decided that they should keep a horse at each side of these games so that when a player is tripped or pushed to the ground (when the other player never actually touches them) and they writhe around on the ground, someone can just march out on the field, put them out of their misery, throw a rope around them and have the horse drag them off to the very large cemetery they will have to build at all soccer fields. That would put a very quick end to all these fake injuries that drive people like me away from the game.

    Otherwise, it’s a lot of fun.


  3. Great gang of people there gathered in your area! Hope you enjoyed your time out with them! I was glad and sighed a big sigh of relief that we made it and beat Ghana! Now, onwards and upwards to the next game! Go USA and also, hope the readers’ teams are not against us! Smiles, Robin


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