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The Running of the Goats at Sunflower Farm

After a day of grazing with the herd, our 44 Goat Babies go for a little adventure while their maaaaaas take a break and enjoy some grain in the barn. They love to run back and forth following their human friends! They often beat us on the way back! There is not much cuter than the pitter pat of all those feet. โ€จ(Rest assured…Our goat kids are sold to great families in pairs as pets or future milking goats.)

credits: sunflower farm

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  1. My heart was won by the last little goat, Beth. No room in our Little Bitty yard, though, for one, nonetheless two of the little bleaters. Thank you for the morning awe and awwwwww.


  2. So cute. ๐Ÿ™‚ Feta cheese, discovered in my first Greek salad years ago, was a delight to the taste buds. And I’m a goat by birth sign – natural affinity to the craiturs here. ๐Ÿ˜‰


  3. I bought a ten acre farm complete with barn, stables, old farmhouse etc back in the late 80’s. We moved in and found to my surprise they’d left their billygoat tied up behind the barn. He would have been the smelliest, crankiest, head-buttingest thing I’ve ever come across. After I saw him stick his head to the ground and pee on his beard I realised he’d lost his cute. It had vanished, gone, de-cuted even. The little goats are sweet though.


    • thanks, susie. i thought you would like this as much as i did ). just this week, my middle daughter adopted two senior pygmy goats who were being ‘sent away.’ she added them to her menagerie of dog, cat, blue lobster, frogs, fish, birds, bunnies, blue heron and whoever else may end up crossing paths with her. she has acres and a pond and room for them to live happily for the rest of their days and made them their own little house. my little granddaughters loved them immediately and named them mr. goat and billy.


  4. I like the little black one who is so small he’s the last one in the pack. They are so cute Beth, but my guess is that they would be a handful when they grew up. I had a boss who inherited two goats in a rural setting and they drove him nuts – they eat anything : the cable for the cable TV, the windshield wipers off the car, everything in the garden, the wooden fence, and he eventually caught the two of them on top of the car eating the window trim. At that point he tied them up, threw them in the back seat and drove them over to a friend’s farm where he unceremoniously unloaded them into the paddock. He called his friend and told him the goats were there to stay.


  5. Yeah, goats are cool.
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    • i think it looks good byron/dick, it is neat and the ads aren’t intrusive in any way. i say go for it, as long as you can keep up with it. two blogs on two different platforms seem like it may be a huge challenge, but if it’s something you think you can do, jump on in, you’ve got nothing to lose )


      • It is likely I’ll only be able to maintain one. At present, I’m just recycling older posts from WordPress.
        Thanks for your remarks and encouragement.


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