the kitchen is a country in which there are always discoveries to be made. – Grimod de la Reynière




i wrote about my world of baking.


you can see a bit of where the magic happens.

and yes,

a good bottle of red,

hearts of all sizes,

animal head toothpicks,

and sparkly puffballs

are sometimes a part of the kitchen experience.


I do like to cook; I’m sort of a mad scientist in the kitchen.
Kyle Chandler


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  1. it’s a color called, ‘warm summer’ a pale yellow, with an extra bit of white thrown in. i know it’s really hard to match your vision with how paint is going to look on a wall. it’s always trial and error for me, fnd )


  2. I would bake, but then I’d have to really measure. Which I don’t do.
    Recipes are guide lines… and well I never seem to cook the same exact thing twice.
    I agree though that a kitchen can be magic. 🙂


    • i totally understand this, jules. begin half italian, i’m more of a non-measurement throw in a pinch of this and bunch of that kind of woman, and baking certainly is less flexible, so i try to find a middle ground there somewhere –


  3. That’s pretty sweet shelf, if you ask me. It reminds me of the card catalogs that I came across the last antique shop trip that I had. There are so many creative things you can do. I wish there was enough time for it all.


  4. Hi Beth,

    When I was a junior in Highschool I took a home ec class. The class was all girls save for me and a buddy–both of us football players too! We got strange reactions from all our macho teammates, but I always use my standard line in such situations: “I am very secure in my masculinity.”

    Anyway, In that class I learned to cook, bake, make my own shirts (REALLY), and various other things that really helped me during all the bachelor times throughout my life.

    Oh,and all the girls just thought I was so very cool too!

    Love the look of your kitchen. It looks very inviting. 🙂


  5. Now how long did it take to clear up the dresser before you took the picture beth, hmm? A lovely picture and the dresser is beautiful.


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