love is when you meet someone who tells you something new about yourself. – andre breton



all of the

grand babies





so far


meet in one box.

all on one continent together

for the very first time.


and it is a summit meeting

of the highest order

where they

talk about

important things


should we go climb in something else?

do you have squirrels or kangaroos where you live?

can you read?

how old will you be when it’s your birthday?

 can you ride a  bike?

does anyone know where my sippy cup is?

IMG_0125 and 

in an instant

they know

they are


one family.


I am sure that if the mothers of various nations could meet, there would be no more wars. E. M. Forster


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  1. I love this. And yes, if the mothers of all the nations met…the world would be a very different place but men won’t share and hold on to their violent power with closed fists.


  2. I knew it! You found a box big enough for all of them! Ha! That is hilarious Beth. My gosh they are a wonderful crew. And of course wagons for them to sit in to transport back and forth to the big box. Well, well, I was a little concerned they’d be shy with each other, but you have overcome that nicely – of course, that’s part of your profession, isn’t it? They are an amazing bunch. Congratulations Beth, you have a beautiful family.


  3. Breton; we had a guest speaker at our church this Sun. His bio listed his credentials and interests. To summarize: “Social activism, social work, homeless advocacy, surrealism.”

    Even if that last item was a joke, it was–surreal.


  4. For this glorious holiday, Peaches, you are the Grandmother Ship around which they all revolve.

    Enjoy. I love the way you obviously watch and savor it all, every last detail. Yay!


  5. You know their childhood is nearing an end when they start playing with what comes IN the box, and throw the box out. These truly are the best days of their lives.


  6. Just plain wonderful! Our own children’s cousins from various sides are younger and far and haven’t quite made the same connection. And our two new little ones… well for the moment looks like they won’t have any first cousins their age. Such is life.


  7. This was simply amazing, Beth! The quotes and then, your thoughts of what the children are sharing, cousins and family for life! Loved this, so much! Hugs for your sharing this experience with all of us! Smiles, Robin Happy 4th and always!


  8. A perfect post. Looks like all the anticipation of their arrival has been matched by the reality. Have a lovely time as the host and glue for this motley crew. Magical memories are being made before your eyes.


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