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  1. Ho Ho, we had one of those – the family station wagon.Ours was a bit smaller, a 1967 Chevy II, because there was only me – but we still had one. I remember riding my bicycle daily to the local dealer as we waited expectantly for it to arrive brand new. Then the miracle day that we picked it up and all the subsequent road trips. If it was any length of trip, I’d get to bring a friend and we would sit in the “outback” facing the rear and play games, count cars, make jokes. It was the closest I ever got to a brother. My Grandma would reside in the back seat with her knitting while Dad drove and Mom navigated (heaven help us). My family life as a child revovled around that car. And then as I got older I inheirited it at age 16 – my first car and I was proud and the Chevy II at 8 years old – a safe first car, like a old easy going horse. Back and forth to university and work, it served me well in its later years. Then came the day when I graduated and went to work full time. The old Chevy II was patched and worn and so hard to say good-bye. She seemed forlorn as I looked back driving away in my new car.

    Great post Beth – cherished memories. Thank you.


  2. Ours was blue, and the rear facing seat in the back was the stage of many puppet shows, secrets shared with my friends, road trips, ice cream enjoyed, and the perfect place to watch the fireworks on the 4th of July


  3. My son and I were at an A & W last Saturday evening during their cruise night. There was a Chevy station wagon parked there, similar to the one my parents had when I was a boy. It had the back seats that folded out so that my brother and I had to face each other. We spent so many vacations in the back of that station wagon.


  4. Never had a station wagon in my family. We crossed the Great Plains every summer in my father’s Oldsmobile. Literally. The biggest sedan they made — Olds 98. With four kids and two adults, a station wagon would have been so much better.


  5. Every darn one of us Beddian Birthday classers rode in a family Woody wagon, I swear, Beth, and a betcha the years sandwiching us, too. Great catch for your family circus vacation. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


  6. We didn’t need seat belts in a car like that, did we? I’d love to take that car and a debit card (maybe even my own), load up the girls and head west. Baseball games, T-shirts, dives and diners. Photos and rest stops. The whole bit.


  7. Our’s had a rear facing back seat thing that folded down for Friday grocery days. Sice we were five kids, that rear facing back seat was a prize to fight for on vacations.


  8. When I graduated High School (waaay back in the buggy days) my grandparents gave me their old ’68 Plymouth station wagon, henceforth known as my ‘La Bomba’. I loved that car but I eventually ‘broke’ it (by driving it through a barb-wire fence) and bought a Chevy Monza–big mistake.
    Love the quote from “On the Road” a book I am half-way through at this moment… what a coincidence!
    Cheers Friend!


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