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  1. Beth, I hope you don’t mind, but I had to reblog this today. It touched my heart and I so needed to see this today. Thank you. Hugs to you. Deb


  2. A lovely thought to help you today. I’m sure your house is fierce quiet now. It’s not easy this parenting lark. Hugs and I’m sure you have plenty photos to look back on.


  3. This moved me to tears, Beth. Our son loved to watch Winnie the Pooh movies and when he died I had this engraved on a plaque for our garden. It got broken in the move however. Good-byes are the worst, especially when family lives so far away. Sending you love and light today. ❤ ~Karen~


  4. I loved the 100 acre wood and all the characters. Pooh may have been a bear of very little brain but he had a huge heart. You should have plenty of memories to keep you going until next time beth.


  5. Beth, I know it was all you hoped for, yet my heart is sad for you today, my friend. ❤ To the Joeys, your daughter, your son in law, and all the joy and love they bring to your life, I raise a toast to Ann Arbor and to the sky, to a plane flying way south …..


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