in summer, the song sings itself. ~ william carlos williams



climbing the apple trees

flying kites

chasing fireflies


sending messages in a bottle

wandering through the library


playing big games

losing shoes


baking cupcakes

reading books


so many surprises

walking everywhere

finding clues


making costumes

singing made-up songs

talking into the sewer to invite the ninja turtles to a party


meeting the people all around

making up and telling stories

robots and legos


dancing like centipedes

playing in and out and around the water


sand in your pants

ย tunnels and giant ants


making a palace for the fairies to move into


big, big messes

cardboard forts


cousins, cats, dogs, goats, bunnies, lobsters, frogs, fish

and more family of all kinds

and becoming part of the art


you are six shooting stars on a shining summer’s day.

ย —

yeah we all shine on, like the moon, and the stars, and the sun. –
john lennon

dedicated with love to all of the little stars who make my life so big

and all of my seasons so bright –


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  1. This could be made into a movie or book, Beth! I seriously adored every last word and photograph! You captured so much on film, the heart of you shines through as those six little ones’ heart do also! Wow! Amazing!


  2. Your verses are such lovely layers leading into for Mr. Lennon’s stanza, Peaches.

    And, oh, those pictures.

    This could be a book handed out by your Chamber of Commerce.

    Beautiful, my friend.


  3. I am SO glad I discovered this post…it’s delightful! All the pictures and activities are so good, but I’m still smiling at the kids talking into a sewer lid to invite Ninja turtles to a party. So much fun!


  4. This post brightened my already bright day! Thank you for sharing such beautiful pictures smiles and sentiment… Your words sing as does the love as you share them! Thank you for the smiles! ๐Ÿ™‚


  5. Awsome Beth! Wonderful pictures (the bathtub is a favorite) and excellent writing. this does feel like a “complete” work somehow.


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