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  1. Lovely, ethereal image on Labor Day, Beth. I guess I have to put my white shorts away today? Oh, I don’t own any! Lucky me.

    FYI, Karen and I went with Elisabeth, George and his parents to the Chiefs game last night. They won their division and will play Pawtucket in the first round of the playoffs. Last night they won 4-3 with a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth, and then they had fireworks. It was a great next-to-last game of the regular season. Thank you for making this special season even more so for me, my friend. ))

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  2. I’m goin’ a step further: Summer Twilight–or even that shakey guy’s term…Mid summer night Dream…or something like that. An aside, and you’ll appreciate this being the teacher that you are: Ford’s advertising slogan for their new truck is: Go Further.

    uh…whoops..;) Have a great rest of your week, ksBeth. 🙂


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