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  1. I am an avid star watcher, Beth. When I lived out in dairy farm land for four years early this century, the stars practically popped out of the sky. That was the single thing I liked best about renting that place on the winding rural road — besides the fact that it was available, reasonable and near my school-aged daughter at my time of need, of course. Now that your post has me thinking, that was a time of my life when looking at the stars did me loads of good! ))

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  2. It is one of my best memories with my Dad, a small rowboat out in Lake Erie, his pointing to the stars, planets and constellations. It is still very bright as long as you get away from the city lights. I can walk using the light of the full moon, across the edges of woods, along creeks, finding my ‘way’ using the stars. I love this, looking up can mean Heaven, too. Hope your week goes well, Beth!

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