never treat your audience as customers, always as partners. – jimmy stewart


library of congress

had a nice offer



‘adult novelty catalog company’

to advertise

on my blog

and i smiled

and thanked them



turned them down


thought about


my posts



all about

nature, animals, philosophy,  humor, zen, children, travel, art. life, family, love, compassion, adventure

not so much about dancing girls

and their costumes

and their toys

and their boys

not to say


can’t be


art or love or zen or adventure


for they are all

a part of life

and we all

 share the same planet


i don’t judge


i like to dance


wear costumes


all the rest

but i figured

chances are

 the company

has never really read my blog

and has no idea

who my audience



your audience gives you everything you need. they tell you.

there is no director who can direct you like an audience.

– fanny brice

image credits: library of congress,


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  1. Hmmm, it seems to be a fact of life that we inevitably attract the attention that we do not want first, before we get the attention we do want. There are perhaps good solid above board companies whose advertizing funds you might accept – after all monetizing a blog is indeed a difficult undertaking and helping others to source good solid useful products that you personally like and/or enjoy would be a bonus. pehaps that will come – this may very well be the start of a long line of companies who show an interest in your blog. May the force be with you.

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  2. James Stewart is my favorite actor and was one of my favorite human beings. Good call on your decision around the offer. The brand you’ve built is worth far more than whatever you’d have gotten from them to dilute or diminish it–financially and otherwise. That’s not to be a judgment either way about adult novelties.

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  3. Love this, Beth! I am totally about writing to amuse and entertain my readers. By the way, did they have any “cat-‘o-nine-tails” in the catalog? I’ve been trying to find one for a friend. Good post, thanks.;-)

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  4. Love this! It’s interesting writing for a mostly unseen audience, knowing that I write for myself, but loving the connection that comes when a reader takes the time to share themselves too. You never know who may be out there…

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  5. I am sure that we all appreciate that we may indulge in some of those fantasies (or hope for it to come to life in a reality in our life) but don’t think the advertising is a plus, in most cases! I love costumes and all the adult accessories, but have become one who still clings to the romantic idea of a dark room and just candles… Funny post, it had me chuckling! Your audience is diverse, they certainly made me laugh at the thought of what diverse ads they may have put beside this nice post!!

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