if you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. – dolly parton



GOOD NEWS! I-96 reopened 3 weeks early, and morning commutes became easier on Monday morning after 6 months of 7 miles of total road closure.  On Sunday afternoon thousands of people came down to a stretch of the reconstructed I-96 to enjoy a Metro Detroit freeway as never before … by walking, on bike and with anything else they could ride – even a marching band showed up. Any and all were invited to join in the celebration. That’s how we roll in the motor city.


if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
– lewis carroll


credits: dailydetroit. com



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  1. A few days ago I got stuck on the motorway and it was closed in both directions. I was out of my car and walking around on the carriageway which was totally surreal. Usually cars and lorries are hurtling past. I imagine that being able to ride on this or walk even, was a really novel experience. 🙂

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  2. Cool walking on an interstate isn’t it? Even the scale is surprising- like how far a walk it is from the beginning to the end of an interchange. As a long haul trucker, I’ve had occassion to walk on closed or empty highways a few times, and it’s always a very surreal feeling, even if I knew the road previously in a vehilce. I remember stopping on the side of such a highway at 2am one bitter cold clear winter night on a holiday when the stretch was deserted. It was so cold and so far from any city(with no moon), that the stars covered the whole sky, brighter than I had ever seen. I walked out and stood in the middle of the road and marvelled that although millions (I did the math) had passed that way over the years, I was likely the only human who had stood in that spot since the road was opened.With the stars beaming down, it was as if I could feel the souls of all who had gone before – a very magical moment.

    Neay post Beth. Thank you.

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  3. When the I-355 tollway here in the Chicago area was expanded south a few years ago, the same type of grand opening was done. It felt pretty cool to be riding the big expanse of highway that soon would be opened to motor traffic. Lakeshore Drive in Chicago also is closed off one morning a year for ‘Bike the Drive’, a ride I haven’t done and scares me as I hear it is usually a congested mess of newbie bicyclists!

    My utopia would be devoid of motor traffic and would be limited to bikes or foot traffic. I think that until the weather here gets cold and icy.

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  4. In the summers here we close the Onondaga Lake Parkway, which runs along the shore of the lake (duh) to all vehicles on Sunday mornings for biking, skating, walking, families, friends, outdoor fun. In Detroit on your big day, Beth, I would have tried to walk near the marching band. I would have ended up dancing part of the way, at least! Sounds like fun. )

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  5. That was probably a pretty fun event. There’s something about being on a highway when it’s shut down that’s just a different feeling for some reason. When we shut one down because of an accident or whatever, you can feel it. I’m glad you people have your highway back. I hope it helps with commuting for ya.

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