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blood, sweat, and tears.


while riding my bike 

loving the breeze and the sun

 flying and ready for summer to begin

I converted a pair of long pants into shorts

though not by a method I would recommend.


“crashing is part of cycling as crying is part of love”

– johan museeuw (retired Belgian professional road racing cyclist)

on the road to mastery.


i asked two of the grandies

to go bike riding with me

but to have mercy

go easy on me

i haven’t been on a bike in two years

they are great riders

mountain bikers, road bikers, hill jumpers

all i wanted was to get my bike legs back

by starting on a flat surface

they were patient

told me some roads looked tricky

but i’d be okay

along the way they challenged me

and asked me if i could ride

using just 3 limbs, 2 limbs, 1 limb, no limbs?

(no to all)

with 4 limbs, a few minor crashes, tight turns,

near misses, and less than perfect balance

i survived the ride

and rode the next couple of days with them

each day i got a little sorer

but the ride got a little easier

they figured i’d get better by the end of the month

when i asked how they’d rate me as a rider

they told me that i began on the ‘terrible’ level

and had moved up to the ‘almost moderate’ level.

 i took that to mean

‘almost mastery’ level.

“she who succeeds in gaining the mastery of the bicycle will gain the mastery of life.”

-susan b. anthony





feeding the team while on the road and riding

(using parade candy found on the ground along the route).

” it would be easier if this didn’t start off in slow motion going up a hill and behind a lot of tractors and dogs and babies.”

– felix  (australia/u.s.a.) – team porter

– grandson and famous parade rider

team sky

feeding the team while on the road and riding

(using lab-tested high protein super food).

“i hope to continue doing well in the final stages. it’s good to hear that people have noticed i’m in the race too, even if i prefer to let my legs do the talking.

-fabio aru (astana) – team sky

– some guy who is just a tour de france rider

if you don’t like the road you’re walking, start paving another one. – dolly parton



GOOD NEWS! I-96 reopened 3 weeks early, and morning commutes became easier on Monday morning after 6 months of 7 miles of total road closure.  On Sunday afternoon thousands of people came down to a stretch of the reconstructed I-96 to enjoy a Metro Detroit freeway as never before … by walking, on bike and with anything else they could ride – even a marching band showed up. Any and all were invited to join in the celebration. That’s how we roll in the motor city.


if you don’t know where you are going, any road will get you there.
– lewis carroll


credits: dailydetroit. com