i usually take a two-hour nap from one to four. – yogi berra



as we walked in from recess

e muttered aloud:

why do we have to take naps?

why do we have to take them every day?

why do schools make kids take naps?

whey do we have to?


do all schools take naps?

i hate naps.

i never fall asleep.

i do not like naps.

naps are dumb.

when we

got back to our room


got a drink of water

laid down on his cot


passed out cold

for 1 and 1/4 hours


 neither of us

said a word 

when he 

finally woke up


image credit: justcuteanimals.com

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  1. Love naps. Actually Beth, when I owned my own tractor trailer we were paid by the trip (long haul), so it behoove me to maximize the quality of sleep time for both safety and effciency. Humans have a diurnal rythym that puts our awareness lowest at about 2am and 2pm. This also happens to be the time at which we are closest to sleep and it is easiest to sleep and the sleep results in the most actual rest. So, to increase my awareness and stay away from those who were driving while tired, I always got off the road and took a nap for an hour or two around those times. If I had to drive through for the schedule’s sake, I would at least take a break and have a coffee. We were required to get a minimum of 8 hrs sleep by law, but we were(and still are) permitted to break it into two sections if so desired and I almost always did with 2am and 2pm in each of the two sections. It served me well and I have done over 3 million miles without a chargeable accident. Many studies into human alertness and awareness have returned the same findings, and yet office workers and others are not permitted to follow that schedule in North America.

    e has associated not taking naps with being grown-uo and wants to emulate it. This time our adult world is wrong and his teacher is right. .

    Great post Beth. Thank You.

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  2. Here in Ireland the kids don’t have naps in school as they only go to school from 9-1.30pm until they are seven, then they stay there until 2.30pm
    I loved this as it is so true for the way little ones behave, you made me smile.

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