all hands on deck as we make our first recipe of the year, ‘apple not so crisp.’






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    • apple crisp – a traditional american fall dessert. in our case, i had them mix it all together, got too excited and it was supposed to be the ‘crisp’ part on top, but baked into the ‘not crisp’ part in the center )


  1. The scale of the items in the picture is a hoot – the stirring spoons are as long as their arms, the bowl is big enough to stand in, the pan large enough to sit in, etc. Much like the big head on a teddy bear, it triggers a feeling of affection and cuteness.

    You have a really awesome looking classroom Beth – sectioned out so multiple activities can happen simutaneously, with everthing designed for small hands. Cool. I can remember my early class rooms and they were just rows of seats in square room.

    Great photos and post. Thank you Beth.

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  2. Wish I had an amazing teacher like you when I was a young lad… I would have loved to make the not so crisp or crisp apple treats! We just had a plain old peeled apple.. Not that that is a bad thing lol! Love the pictures and the smiles you share both with your students and with us! 🙂

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