happy national chocolate cupcake day. yes, it is different from national chocolate cake day.




credits: pinterest.com, abbyhasissues.com

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    • my daughter in australia adopted a feral cat who stayed with them for years – no worries with combining both holidays and i think it’s always good to stretch out holidays a bit and celebrate them like fiestas, anyway –

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  1. Who doesn’t like chocolate cupcakes? Trouble is, I pretend I’m making them for other people, then “forget” to deliver them and eat most of them. Chocolate anything is to be celebrated every day!:-)

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  2. I loved this a bunch, Beth! I may have to wander out and find some form of chocolate in my good friends’ kitchen. I am kitty sitting, tomorrow bringing grandies, M & M girls over to see the cats and play Barbies, too. I am so blessed with a nice computer to mess around with tonight and tomorrow up until I pick up the girls at 3 pm!! I had a long week, so if I don’t indulge in chocolate, I may dip into the couple of hard ciders they left me….I love the idea of the procrastination combination with baking!!


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